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Spanish and English texts, letters and emails.

Employment and the office

Billing and payments

Offering and ordering goods

Publicity and marketing

Financial and technical


Courses and education

Holidays and travel

Domestic matters

Sickness and Death


Letters of Thanks and Congratulations


Recipes and cooking

Love letters


Employment and the Office.

Application for a job (cover letter) (model sample).

Application for a job 1 (cover letter).

Application for a job 2 (cover letter).

Application for a job 3 (cover letter).

Application for a job 4 (cover letter).

Application for a job 5 (cover letter "cold call").

Application for a job 6 (cover letter "cold call").

Application for a job 7 (cover letter "cold call").

Application for a job on behalf of a third party.

A candidate sends letter to potential employer after first interview.

Employer asks for a reference.

Reference for a job candidate.

Confirm an offer for interview.

Change interview date.

Accepting a job candidate.

Refusing a job candidate.

Refusing a job candidate 2.

Saying farewell to and welcoming staff.

Asking for a rise (raise).

Handing in notice to employer.

Reserving days off from work.

Company in the US offers its services.

Letter welcoming a new member of staff.

Letter informing members of a meeting.

Letter requesting return of documents.

Job offer advertisements.

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Billing and Payments.

Requesting time to pay.

Company requests settlement of account.

Settlement of an overdue account.

Negative reply to paying account.

Forms of payment, standard texts.

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Offering and Ordering Goods.

Order for goods.

A company sends an order.

Cancelling an order.

Error in order.

Ordering from a newspaper.

Ordering books from an advertisement in the press.

Price increase on goods.

Offer of goods with discount.

A company sends its catalogue.

Decline an offer.

Decline an offer 2.

Company sends an order.

Offer and conditions.

Company confirms dispatch of order.

Company rejects changes to products.

Company confirms order.

Company requests urgent delivery.

From one webmaster to another regarding services offered.

Standard no spam e-mail.

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Publicity and Marketing.

Great offers.

Auto reply e-mail.

Advertising for bars and restaurants.

Publicity for a day out in the country.

Publicity for a zoo.

Publicity for an adventure park    Ad - Bil

Emotive publicity from phone company.

Supermarket spring campaign.

Promotional letter from legal advisors.

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Financial and technical.

Stock market report.

Insurance policy conditions.

Insurance certificate.

Include website in search engine.

Car rental conditions.

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Complaint about software purchase.

Complaint about rented flat.

Complaint about a flight delay.

Complaint about holiday hotel.

Complaint about a wrongly dispatched order.

How to use the consumer complaint form.

A company responds to a complaint.

Complaint to the electricity board.

Standard reply to complaint letter.

Decision about a registered complaint.

Final decision regarding a customer complaint.

Reporting a burglary.

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Courses and Education.

Enquiry about a university course abroad.

Enquiring about courses.

Negative reply about a course.

Enquiring about a summer course abroad.

Requesting information about courses from a university.

Letter to practise Spanish with an e-pal.

Comments on teaching practices.

School replies to letter requesting info on courses.

Letter from a university professor that recommends a student for a postgraduate course.

Exam results.

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Holidays and Travel.

Company day out.

Cancel a holiday.

Rates at a hotel enquiry.

Group rates at a hotel enquiry.

Hotel stay programme for staff.

Reserving a room.

Reserving a wedding suite.

Suite in a hotel not available.

Hotel confirms availability of suite.

Requesting a price quote about a hotel stay.

Holiday brochure introduction.

Tourist attractions of a city.

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Domestic Matters.

Cancel bank account.

Arranging direct debit.

Cancelling direct debit.

Request to reduce mortgage payments.

Requesting air-conditioning.

Asking for overdue rent.

Asking for overdue rent with threats

Problems paying the rent.

Request to reduce rent payments.

Cancelling a credit card.

Stopping a cheque.

Asking a favour.

Change of bank details.

Informal e-mail making plans for a date.

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Love Letters.

Letter 1.

Letter 2.

Letter 3.

Letter 4.

Letter 5.

Letter 6.

Letter 7.

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Invitations to a wedding.

Accept an invitation to a wedding.

Invitation to a formal dinner.

Invitation to an exhibition.

Apologize for refusing an invitation 1.

Apologize for refusing an invitation 2.

Company invites clients to a trade fair.

Invitation to clients at opening of a new office.

Invitation to a few days holiday.

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Letters of Thanks and Congratulations.

Thanks for services rendered.

Thanks for stay abroad.

Thanks for great magazine.

Thanks for the wedding present 1.

Thanks for the wedding present 2.

Thanks for inclusion of publicity.

Congratulations on a birth 1.

Congratulations on a birth 2.

Congratulations on getting married.

Congratulations on the nomination of president.

Thanks for publicity manual.

Thanks for buying a property.

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Sickness and Death.

Concerned for a sick person.

Consolation for an old lady.

Letter of consolation.

Informing about a death.

Condolence on a death.

Letter to a convalescent.

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History of a medieval town.

Buildings and history of a Spanish town - extract 1.

Extract 2.

Extract 3.

Extract 4.

Extract 5.

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Recipes and cooking.

Savoury recipe dish 1.

Savoury recipe dish 2.

Dessert recipe 1.

Dessert recipe 2.

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Miscellaneous texts for finding useful Spanish vocabulary.

Confidentiality clauses.

List of errata.

Return documents filled out.

Confirmation of subscription payment.

Letter of introduction.

General warranty.

From a fugitive asking to return to te US.

Application to attend a conference.

Form for buying a product.

General disclaimer for a company's web site.

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