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Cuentos para practicar inglés - nivel B2.

Tom and the gorilla.

Esto es un texto en inglés de nivel C1 a C2. Se trata de un gorila muy educado pero no del todo contento con el pub de Tom.

1) Lee el texto y elegir la mejor respuesta entre las tres posibilidades.
2) Hacer clic en segunda parte para hacer otro test de prueba del nuevo vocabulario.

Cuento español inglés del gorilla

It was raining that evening and there wasn't anyone in Tom's pub. His customers had presumably stayed at home because of the 1, dreary/bleary/dozy weather.

Tom, the barman, was washing the glasses behind the bar as usual.

Suddenly, he looked up and 2, freezed/froze/congelated . A huge gorilla 3, stalled/strolled/stifled into the pub and sat himself down at the bar.

Tom was petrified but he tried to stay calm as best he could. Although the gorilla didn't 4, come down/go over/come across as being savage or wild. In fact, he seemed quite friendly and looked almost distinguished.

Not only that, in his right hand he was carrying an umbrella and he had a copy of today's Times 5, tucked under/inserted into/held for his arm. "G... g... good evening, sir," ventured Tom nervously. "Wh.. what will it be?"

The gorilla smiled 6, amabaly/amiably/amiable and answered, "I'll have a pint of best, if you'd be so kind."

Relaxing somewhat at the gorilla's rather 7, easy-to-go/easy-go/easy-going manner, Tom said, "Certainly, sir. Here you are, sir."

"How much will that be?" asked the gorilla with a 8, congenial/congenital/congenius smile. "Eh, that'll be five pounds, sir," replied Tom regaining a little confidence.

The gorilla took out his wallet and 9, pulled over/handed over/handed on a five pound note. Then Tom thought he would try some polite conversation. "You know, sir, it's a funny thing but we don't get many gorillas in here!"

The gorilla looked at Tom and 10, rose/lifted over/raised his eyebrows and in an ironic voice retorted, "Quite honestly, I'm not surprised; at these prices!"

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