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Cuentos para practicar inglés - nivel C1 - lección 2.

The best trick of all.

Esto es un texto en inglés de nivel C1 o C2. Se trata de qué pasó a un mago durante su primer trabajo en un crucero.

1) Lee el texto y elegir la mejor respuesta entre las tres posibilidades.
2) Hacer clic en segunda parte para hacer otro test de prueba del nuevo vocabulario.

Cuento español inglés de Arthur y sus trucos

Arthur Pinkerton 1, managed to/could/was able get a job as a magician on a cruise liner in the Mediterranean sea.

Every evening he did his tricks to entertain the passengers. He 2, could to/managed/could make rabbits, ladies' watches and bunches of flowers appear and disappear.

He was very pleased because the audience loved his show. They clapped and 3, booed/cheered/grunted every time he finished a trick.

There was nothing he 4, managed do/could be doing/could do wrong. He was 5, an overnight/a nightly/a daily success. Arthur thought he would soon enjoy fame and fortune.

But then one evening, a drunk at the back of the room started 6, heckling/shouting/speaking Arthur, "The rabbit's in his coat!" he shouted out, "He's got the watch in his pocket!" or "The flowers are behind his back!"

Arthur couldn't make the drunk shut up and the audience was in 7, lots of/fits of/a big laughter. Arthur's hopes of reaching greatness in the entertainment world began to 8, fall off/disperse/dwindle .

Then, suddenly, there was a loud grinding noise and the ship trembled violently and rolled to one side.

The audience began to scream and rush about 9, through panic/for panic/in panic . The ship had hit an iceberg and in a few minutes it had sunk beneath the waves.

Arthur and the drunk were able to swim to a large piece of floating wood and 10, scramble/pull/stride onto it. Out of breath, cold and frightened, the drunk turned towards Arthur and said,

"OK. I give up. Where did you hide the ship?"

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