Spanish phrases for ending emails.

Te deseo mucha suerte con tu nueva casa..

I wish you lots of luck with...

Recuerdos a tu familia...

My best wishes to...

Rick dice que te mande un abrazo...

Rick sends his regards / love...

Hasta pronto

I hope to hear from you soon...

Tu amiga no te olvida...

Affectionately yours... / Regards/

Un beso (very close friend.)

All the best / Fond regards / Best wishes

Un fuerte abrazo (stable friend relationship)


Un abrazo (for someone you have written to a few times),


Un saludo (someone you have not written to directly before)

(fairly neutral)

Atentamente (formal - business-like)

Yours faithfully (con Dear Sir / Madam)

Le saluda muy atentamente (+ name on next line) (formal)

Yours sincerely






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