Spanish phrases to express what you would like.

Quiero sentirme feliz

I want to feel happy

Quisiera escuchar noticias tuyas

I would like to hear from you (asking politely)

Quisiera ver una foto tuya

I would like to see a photo of you (asking politely)

Me gustaría viajar más

I would like to travel more (expressing what you want)

Le apetece empezar clases de yoga

He wants to start yoga classes

Me habría gustado verte más a menudo

I would have liked to see you more often

Me encantaría volver a verte

I would love to see you again

Nos encanta pasear en coche por el campo

We love going for drives in the country

Ojalá pudiera volver a empezar

If only I could start again (Am. Eng. start over)

Si pudiera coger un vuelo, vendría este fin de semana

If I could get a flight, I'd come this weekend

Ojalá tu madre se recupere pronto

I hope very much that your mother gets better soon

Mi sincero deseo es que todo el mundo ofrezca su apoyo

I sincerely hope that everybody offers their help

Lo que realmente quiero es que me escribas pronto

What I would really like is that you write soon

No quiero continuar así

I don't want to go on this way                         

No me gustaría vivir en un mundo así

I wouldn't like to live in a world like that

Me da asco ver fotos de ese tipo

I hate seeing photos of that sort

Lamento decir esto pero voy a dejar de escribirte

I hate to say this but I'm going to stop writing to you

Siento muchísimo molestarte

I hate to trouble you






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